Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pretty Boys Eat Pancakes

As of late we've been eating pancakes for breakfast Sunday mornings. For obvious reasons this new tradition is rather popular - you see they are freaking delicios. Besides the fact, our boys can get their fill eating them without too much mess. Ah, but this is if we manage to get the batter made and onto the grill without incident.

We have have dozens of pictures with our kids covered in all kinds of food (and non food items) mushed into their hair, all over their face, and chest. This is somewhat cute when it is contained in a high-chair, where if worse comes to worse I can take the whole unit out back (sometimes with child attached) and squirt it off with the hose. This cuteness goes right out the window when the batter doesn't have the chance to be cooked into fluffy things to put syrup on, and get poured out on children wearing their Sunday best.

With all the batter incidents before church, red-colored Swedish-fish and blue-raspberry lolly incidents during and after church, when we otherwise make it through church with our boys still pretty enough to take a picture - we take the opportunity to do so.

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St. J Family said...

Very nice looking boys, I thought these photos had to be taken before church! So when did boy 3 come along? Just curious!